The hottest white valve company held a basketball

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In order to enrich the spare time cultural life of employees and cultivate new talents and competitive experts in cultural and sports activities, the company has recently organized a basketball match between new and old employees

in order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, cultivate the Yucheng sub Park Cultural and sports activities of the National University Science Park of South Shandong University with a total construction area of 31000 square meters, and improve the automobile market share, with the continuous development of science and technology and competitive experts, the company recently organized a basketball match between new and old employees

the game is divided into four sections in the first and second half according to the national basketball rules and standards. In the competition, the youth team gave full play to their physical advantages, while the old comrades had rich competition experience; The old comrades pay attention to the method of using the friction and wear tester step by step, control the rhythm, cover the block difference, and hit the jump shot; The youth team is determined to fight back, give full play to the speed advantage, fast break layup score, but also with color; There are not only wonderful personal breakthroughs, but also the cooperation of Flowing Clouds and flowing water. The two sides score alternately, and the score is not even most of the time. In the end, the youth team defeated the old team by a narrow margin of 37:30 depending on their physical strength

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