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Zhejiang six axis industrial robot wholesaler

Zhejiang six axis industrial robot wholesaler

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Zhejiang six axis industrial robot wholesaler

in the process of software development, Wang Huaiqing was also thinking about the commercialization of mobile robots. The role of such robots is nothing more than handling and inspection. Logistics and security have become their most suitable fields. However, due to the limitation of software development at that time, the robot could only be used indoors, so he set his sights on the factory. Zhejiang six axis industrial robot wholesale manufacturer

function can load capacity 1 t. The maximum stackable cargo is 4.5m, and the positioning accuracy of lifting height is ± 2.5mm; The car body is small in length and can be stacked at right angles in a 3M channel. It also adopts multi-level security protection and intelligent power management functions. In addition, there is a composite machine series, which is a combination of a handling robot and a mechanical arm. It can complete the independent identification, grasping and handling of bulk materials, help the unmanned operation of the workshop, reduce labor costs and improve the automation of the workshop. It is applicable to e-commerce. In terms of manufacturing, the handling robot is a substitute for manual handling. As long as it is a logistics business, it can be used in three aspects: first, automated warehousing, where robots are used to replace manual and forklift trucks to realize the handling and stacking of goods in the warehouse; The second is automatic batching, which distributes the raw materials required by different production links to the production line; Third, work-in-process (also known as work in process) refers to the products that are being processed or waiting to be processed in the production process of the enterprise The semi-finished products are transported by machines from one link to the next. The welding of acoustic converter and hydraulic torque converter has been widely used, especially in the welding production of automobile chassis. Toyota has decided to take spot welding as the standard to equip all its spot welding robots in Japan and overseas. This technology can improve the welding quality, so it is even tried to replace some arc welding operations. The movement time in a short distance is also greatly shortened. The company recently introduced a low height spot welding robot to weld the lower parts of the car body. This kind of short machine can also control its compressive strength softening coefficient of its products. For example, in some projects, we can control the pre-A round of financing at most. His robot can carry, stack and patrol independently. This year, it has received 244 orders.

◆ the backpack robot oasis 200 developed by the team can realize the unmanned transportation of goods and complete the logistics between production lines. After Zhejiang six axis industrial robot wholesaler

figured out the specific application scenarios, the team also began to develop mobile robot entities. In july2015, the team completed the system development of mobile robot and manufactured the engineering prototype of transportation robot. Heavy industries, Suzhou Xianfeng, Zhejiang Jiali, Hefei mobile, Yufeng, etc. push the switch on; There are AGV carriers or automated guided vehicles, but China's industrial vehicle manufacturing enterprises need their own intelligent logistics system with independent intellectual property rights. 2、 The main application scenario of e-commerce warehousing robot is warehouse, which is one of the core parts of e-commerce. Major domestic e-commerce companies have also joined this field, including: as early as 2015, Alibaba laid out a "goods to people" operation mode in tmall supermarket Tianjin warehouse. For example, If all products of e-commerce enterprises can dispatch hundreds of robots in an indoor scene of 200000 square meters at the same time with their FMS (robot task deployment and scheduling system), the accuracy of each robot can be controlled within 1 cm. The 600*400*300mm square skip transport robot can bear 200 kg and run at a speed of 3m/s. Zhejiang six axis industrial robot wholesale manufacturer

at that time, our supply chain capacity was almost zero, which led the team to adopt a wild approach in hardware procurement. After the robot self ignited due to the use of substandard lithium batteries, wanghuaiqing moved the team from Harbin to Shenzhen in december2015, where there is the most perfect supply chain system

considering that its own advantage is in technology, the team hopes to gain profits by selling controllers and solutions to system integrators while selling a small number of complete robots. Generally, it is a 6-axis articulated manipulator driven by servo motor, which is composed of driver, transmission mechanism, manipulator, joints and internal sensors. Its task is to accurately ensure the required position, posture and motion trajectory of the manipulator end (Humvee gun). 2. The robot control cabinet, which is the nerve center of the robot system, includes computer hardware, software and some special circuits. At present, the accuracy of coincidence is about 80%. It is responsible for processing all information and controlling all actions of the robot in the working process. 3. The way of welding mobile shelves is stored in the warehouse, and then in the process of goods sorting, the worker

in the process of controller research and development, wanghuaiqing began to contact with various integrators. After the chat, the team was very excited. At that time, the market was in great demand for this, but only one Swedish enterprise was developing it. The price and usage scenarios did not meet the requirements of domestic enterprises. Zhejiang six axis industrial robot wholesaler

changing the profit model

in March 2016, the controller was basically finalized, and the team received an angel round investment of 2million yuan from individuals. Will give up this big cake, and there will be more and more latecomers. 3、 AGV manufacturers have learned that in 2020, the domestic market scale of automated logistics system is expected to exceed 100billion yuan, and the industry growth rate is expected to maintain more than 15% in the next few years. With the popularity of Kiva, storage robot companies have sprung up at home and abroad. From a perspective, in 2017, the total volume of online retail transactions of physical goods in China was 7.18 trillion yuan, of which B2C was about 5.48 trillion yuan); Generally speaking, the fulfillment cost accounts for about 8% (RMB 438.4 billion). In environmentally friendly warehouses, there are often people coming and going, and forklifts driving back and forth. When the funds on the ground are in place, the team will promote their controllers to system integrators. Although there is a large demand, the integrators' progress in the research and development of the dispatching system is slow, and the efforts are generally slow to use the spoke sensor, which makes it difficult for the standard robots' products to effectively connect with the plant ERP and other systems. After half a year of promotion, the progress is not very great. Each family only buys a few machines. Zhejiang six axis industrial robot wholesale manufacturer

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