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Wuhan white pollution production enterprises will be prohibited from importing waste plastics. Soon, the raw material import path of enterprises producing disposable plastic packaging materials in Hubei Province will be "blocked". A few days ago, in response to the proposal of the CPPCC members, Hubei Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau revealed that it would take measures to control the generation of "white pollution" from the source.

model: WDL ⑴ 000normal> at the third session of the Ninth CPPCC, the CPPCC members of Hubei Province once again called for the control of "white pollution". After that, the provincial environmental protection bureau gave a positive response


normal> the reply said that at present, the illegal production enterprises of disposable plastic packaging materials, due to the lack of production raw materials, apply for the import of waste plastics, which needs the environmental protection department to review and issue an import license. In this regard, the Bureau will strictly examine the production scale and product situation of the applicant enterprises, refuse to approve the import of the above-mentioned enterprises, and control their raw material sources, so as to limit their expansion of renewable 1.2 air source: production. Take effective measures in a timely manner


the bureau also disclosed that it is studying the "quantitative assessment of comprehensive urban environmental improvement" index during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, and strive to include the "white pollution" prevention and control work in the assessment index, so as to link it with the annual political achievements of local governments

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