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The whole house smart home solution

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this article matches smart home products based on the principle of light cost and heavy experience, and reasonably designs high-tech smart home solutions. Through the intelligent control of residential lighting, curtain, induction, background music, access control and other systems, the light and dark matching of different lighting circuits in different rooms can form different remote control lighting scenes, create a warm, romantic and elegant living environment, and reveal the owner's elegant artistic accomplishment

this paper matches smart home products with the principle of light cost and heavy experience, and reasonably designs high-tech smart home solutions. Through the intelligent control of residential lighting, curtain, induction, background music, access control and other systems, the light and dark matching of different lighting circuits in different rooms is installed with folding resistance under the measurement, forming different remote control lighting scenes, creating a warm, romantic and elegant living environment, and revealing the owner's elegant artistic accomplishment

whole house smart home solution

I. early investigation of smart home project

1. Field investigation of the project

to the project site is mainly to understand the plane layout, and to know which area is used for what purpose (initially plan in mind what functions each area needs to achieve); Confirm on site where the bearing wall is and how thick each wall is (calculate the signal coverage); There are also many models of water, electricity and other infrastructure in the market (it is expected that how to assist the intellectualization and communicate in advance in order to achieve better beautification effect)

because everyone has different living habits and needs, the emphasis on function matching will be different, and the product matching will change accordingly. Like rooms for the elderly and children, the function focuses on safety protection. Therefore, in terms of product matching, we can consider adding emergency buttons, door and window magnetic detectors, etc. when they are ill, they can timely notify their families by pressing the emergency button, so that they can deal with special situations in time. When the child opens the window, remind the family in time to avoid accidents

2. Smart home functional requirements

and the owner at the project site, try to understand the owner's usage habits and optimize the functional details. The functional requirements proposed by the owner can be determined based on experience and appropriate modification suggestions can be put forward

for people with old people and children at home. In addition to the intelligent security system, the lighting system can also be adjusted. For example, replace it with intelligent switch and add infrared human induction. It is recommended to add or replace the lamps with warm color lamps. At night, when parents or children get up, they trigger infrared human body detection, automatically link the intelligent switch and turn on the light. Because it is a warm color lamp, it will not be too dazzling. It is more suitable for the development of children's eyes and the maintenance of the eyes of the elderly

cameras can be appropriately added as required to facilitate family members to view the situation of the elderly and children at home; The voice Xiaobai robot can speak, play music and teach. It is interesting and informative. It can be used as an escort robot

3. Calculation of signal attenuation and product matching

[the thickness of the wall will attenuate the wireless signal. During product matching, pay attention to the construction of the basic network to ensure the normal operation of the system.]

when the wireless signal passes through two 24 walls, it needs to add relay equipment. When it passes through a 37 load-bearing wall, it can be detected by a signal detector. The signal strength is -70db~-80d. It is better to measure the percentage B of the ratio of the recovery work when the sample is shortened to the work consumed when it is spread. [in addition, pay attention to the false signals of routing equipment]

signal attenuation capacity of common decorative materials (for reference only):

empirical value (attenuation intensity) of electromagnetic signal for penetration loss of various building materials

cement wall (15~25cm): 10~12db

red brick cement wall (CM): 13 ~ 18db

hollow block brick wall: 4 ~ 6db

wood wall (CM): 5 ~ 6db

simple gypsum board wall: 3 ~ 5db

glass, Glass window (CM): 6 ~ 8db

wooden door: 3 ~ 5db

metal door: 6 ~ 8db

hollow block brick wall: 4 ~ 6db

4. Investigate the door lock conditions

1) and whether there is a heaven and earth hook (generally anti-theft doors will have a heaven and earth hook, and generally wooden doors will not have a heaven and earth hook)

2). Whether it is a double door (a fake lock shall be purchased for the double door)

3). Whether it is a big overlord lock body, and measure the size of the door lock guide plate (overlord lock body is required)

4). Whether the gate is a special gate such as Wangli and Panpan, and whether it needs to be reconstructed and perforated later

5). Measure the installation position and dimension of the door lock cylinder

6). Measure the thickness of the door (usually 5~12cm, beyond this range, it is necessary to cut or purchase other accessories such as shafts, screws, bolts, etc.)

common lock body information (for reference only):

The size of the guide plate of the national standard lock body is 240*24

. The common size of big overlord lock body guide plate is 388*40

. The common size of the guide plate of Wang Li safety door with its own door lock is 210*30

5. Check the circuit line

1). Check whether the lighting circuit goes through the zero live line or the single live line? It is recommended to use the zero fire line (ZigBee has the function of signal relay to enhance the basic network coverage of the intelligent system)

2). Check the reserved positions of switches and sockets, and preliminarily budget the number of intelligent switches and sockets

6. Plan the reserved position in advance

calculate the reserved position and wiring mode of strong current, intelligent switch, camera, curtain motor, combustible gas, background music and audible and visual alarm

communicate with electricians in advance. It is necessary to reserve power sockets, power lines, winding lines, audio lines and other wiring methods; The size of the opening, the position of the upper screw, the position of the reserved trunking, etc; If wiring can be carried out in advance, communicate clearly as soon as possible so as to hide the power line, etc

communicate with the designer in advance about the types and colors of intelligent products and the installation methods (ceiling installation, wall switch replacement, desktop visit, etc.) to beautify the equipment as much as possible without affecting the decoration style of the owner

1). 220V AC shall be reserved for intelligent curtain. If there is a ceiling, a width of more than 80mm shall be reserved (if two curtains need to be controlled, a width of more than 160mm shall be reserved)

2). Background music is generally connected to speakers by audio cable (each speaker is connected to the host by a separate audio cable). The host of background music needs to reserve 220V power supply for power supply. The audio cable and the host power cable should be laid in advance. The host base and the opening size of music speakers can be seen in the manual

3). When the camera is looking at each channel of HD ultra-clear, the uplink band 1. When the room temperature is within 10~35 ℃, the wide range is kb/s, which is converted into a bandwidth of 0 96m。 Anticipate network configuration in advance

4). The combustible gas detector needs strong 220V power supply, and the manipulator can be powered by four No. 5 batteries or adapters

installation method of gas detector:

a. natural gas and coal to gas shall be installed within 30cm from the roof and 8m from the horizontal distance of the gas appliance

b. the liquefied gas tank shall be installed within 30cm from the ground and 4m from the gas appliance


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