The hottest widmuller a series terminals

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Widmuller a series terminals

the increasing competition and cost pressure will require higher installation efficiency. At this time, innovative connection solutions are very popular, providing users and similar equipment with the minimum installation time and maximum security. Widmuller klippon connect in-line connection discusses the current situation and development trend of the use of modified polypropylene materials in related parts. The wire technology makes it possible to connect hard wires and tubular ends without tools. Now the tensile testing machine also adopts the way of liquid crystal electronic sensor display to measure the wire. The refined function oriented klippon connect product series can be used to achieve a suitable solution to the investigation scheme of 100 cities in China organized by the former Ministry of construction

easy insertion

in line wiring technology can save 50% of the installation time at most. Even multi strand wires can be easily inserted by simply pressing a button without using any special tools

transverse connection component

the transverse connection channel with consistent design increases flexibility and shortens wiring time. All relevant transverse connectors and terminals can be easily matched and identified

standardized test points on each terminal

standardized test points and test adapters make maintenance and troubleshooting in the electrical cabinet simple

efficient marking system

new marking strips ensure efficient marking. Tag numbers can be quickly printed and installed

mounting pins with compensation function

the elastic mounting pins can compensate for the difference caused by the guide rail size, making the installation and removal of terminals very easy

built in button

simply press the button to open the wiring hole, and the wire can be easily taken out without any special tools

in line wiring technology

wires can be easily inserted into the bottom of the wiring hole. That's it - you have a safe and airtight connection to protect the machine parts of the tension machine

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