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The white card paper mill sent another letter which was lower than the market expectation

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core tip: Recently, the white card paper mill sent another letter, with an increase of 300 yuan/ton, which was lower than the market expectation, but still maintained the overall upward trend. After the National Day holiday, the white paperboard was relatively strong, and the market trading was deadlocked

recently, the white card paper mill sent another letter, raising the price by 300 yuan/ton, which was lower than the market expectation, but still maintained the overall upward trend. After the National Day holiday, the white paperboard was relatively strong, and the market trading was deadlocked. However, this letter continued to increase, and the decrease was mainly to stabilize the market and digest the increase

since August, the white card market has ushered in an industry boom cycle, which comes from domestic and overseas market demand. The white card paper mill has sent letters for three consecutive times, with increases of 500 yuan/ton, 500 yuan/ton and 300 yuan/ton respectively. According to zhuochuang data, this week (October 16 to October 22), the average weekly transaction price including tax of G plain white cardboard market was 6586 yuan/ton, up 0.05% from last week and 22.12% year-on-year. At present, the mainstream transaction price of G paperboard in the market, including tax, is RMB/ton. Hard foam polyurethane reinforced coiled material composite insulation board for building insulation

white cardboard can maintain the rising trend, and the previous two increases can be effectively implemented. Main SMM online news: it's really too busy. Main reason:

high concentration of production capacity promotes the better implementation of white cardboard

the sales growth of white card paper benefited from the high concentration of production capacity, the heavy voice of the paper mill, the operators accepted the increase, and the continuous increase stimulated the confidence of the market in trading, and the price was well implemented

in the traditional peak season, the mentality of buying up rather than buying down is concentrated

the second half of the year is the peak season for traditional industries. It is reasonable for consumption to pick up, social networking to increase, some terminal exports to recover, and the reserve stock to increase slightly. In addition, the paper mills have continued to rise sharply, and customers are focused on buying up rather than buying down

the international epidemic ferments, giving rise to a slight increase in white card exports

the epidemic in foreign countries is still serious. During the national day, a white card paper mill in the United States stopped two small lines, but it still highlights the possibility that domestic exports may increase. In addition, the demand for white card paper at Christmas will increase, and the export of white card paper will improve in August and September

there is no new capacity before the third quarter of 2021, and it is bullish in the long term

about 600000 tons of white cardboard production capacity may be vacated in Ningbo in the fourth quarter, and there is no new production capacity before the third quarter of 2021. At the same time, driven by the policy of prohibition of waste, the paper mill is optimistic about the white board market for white card generation, or will continue to increase production. And the policy will be promoted next year, and the industry is still bullish about the white card market next year

the increase this time was lower than the market expectation. Zhuochuang analyzed the reasons as follows:

first, before the National Day holiday, the inventory of white card paper enterprises decreased significantly, and most of them prepared goods for the dealers' inventory terminals on the "double 11" day. The wide and bright workshop was in good order. However, this round of white card paper inventory was simply transferred to the dealers' hands, and the market terminal demand did not increase much

second, the price of white cardboard has moved up as a whole, low-cost brands still exist in the market, and some imported disordered paper has flowed into China at low prices

third, the epidemic situation in some areas has been repeated, and the operators are worried about it. The actual price of individual traders has dropped secretly. The terminal stock up is cautious, and the implementation speed of the increase after the festival has slowed down

fourth, due to the large increase of white cardboard, the packaging factory was once under pressure in the process of signing orders with terminals, and some stopped receiving orders or considered looking for substitutes

under the influence of the plastic limit order and the waste prohibition order, the early price increase of white cardboard was relatively smooth. In addition, the large-scale paper mills laid out low-end white cardboard, improved capacity utilization and expanded new customers. This measure can effectively promote the flexible adjustment of high and low-end white cardboard, expand demand space and increase the number of customers on the demand side. Now let's take a look at how to maintain and protect the application of the experimental machine. In addition, the current white cardboard industry is highly concentrated. Although the profit performance is good, the current industrial layout of the whole industry chain has raised the threshold for new entrants. After the third quarter of 2021, there will be more new capacity, mainly large-scale paper mills and leading enterprises. Therefore, zhuochuang believes that the increase of white cardboard this time is lower than expected, which is conducive to the market to digest the increase. The long-term price of white cardboard is still dominated by the increase

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