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The White House uses Facebook chat robots to keep in touch with the public

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the White House has reacted very quickly to follow the trend of science and technology. Recently, they began to use chat robots to keep in touch with the public. This robot is on Facebook Messenger, the mainstream chat tool in the United States, so as to further improve the success rate of the experiment. Whether it is a U.S. citizen or not, it can use this robot to write a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama

its thickness is 3mm and 6mm

in order to better communicate with the American people, the White House has decided to adopt the chat robot of facebookmessenger

since Facebook pushed natus medical institutions to choose materials with high mechanical properties: messengerplatform with high impact resistance has been launched, more than 23000 developers have been added. Their goal is to further develop chat robots, so that enterprises and users can have a good communication experience every day

in fact, many enterprises have adopted chat robots to communicate with their customers. These specialized software are particularly effective in the field of communication, and can provide customers with communication services at any time of day and night

in addition to SMS Chat, these robots can also book hotels, order meals, find restaurants, take a taxi, and more

but in the political field, the White House announced the launch of its own Facebook Messenger chat robot, which is the first time. In other words, the White House is the first government organization to use messenger robot to realize daily communication with citizens. The American people (or people from other places) can initiate discussions, and citizens can also send messages to President Obama on Facebook through the newly released white house information robot

the steps of sending messages are actually very simple. First, you need to click the message button on the White House home page, and then click getstarted in the dialog window. The robot will send you cordial greetings. Then, the team in charge of letters will pass the request to the screen. The president will choose 10 emails and letters to read every night

this is the White House's effort to reach out to a large number of people on social networking sites, with a focus on young people. When the White House chief digital officer announced the robot on the blog platform, he pointed out this point: our goal is to find people where they are. While other Facebook messenger robots are trying to improve the user experience, the White House has solved the problem of effective communication between politicians and citizens, which has been approved by the Dutch authorities. As of July 2016, the instant chat application facebookmessenger has grown from 800million users at the beginning of the year to 1billion users, becoming one of the largest chat tools in the world. The U.S. government is undoubtedly interested in these users, which can help the White House find their people faster

it is worth mentioning that in just a few months since the launch of the project, there are now 11000 chat robots on Facebook messenger

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