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Wheat starch and its straw fiber will become new fast food packaging materials

over the years, fast food has used a variety of different materials for outer packaging, but for one reason or another, each material has proved to be problematic. However, according to the research results recently presented at the meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers have finally found a better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly fast food packaging method

according to foreign reports, at first, most fast food was packed with polystyrene clam shells. This material is light, easy to make, and can maintain the temperature of food. Unfortunately, the failure of polystyrene development will eventually solve this problem of degradation. It also contains chlorofluorocarbons that destroy ozone. Considering that the proportion of high-strength steel used in car body has reached 60% and that these materials have the defects of polluting the environment, the fast food industry has turned to cardboard, but cardboard also has disadvantages. "Cardboard is more expensive, heavier, more complicated to make, and it doesn't keep warm," said Jeffrey Nobes of the U.S. Department of agriculture

therefore, nobis and his colleagues in the Ministry of Agriculture began to look for a better material. They concluded that packaging with wheat - that is, using the fiber of wheat straw and the starch in wheat grains - had a good prospect. The wheat packaging box can be completely degraded. "If people have a compost pile in their backyard, they can throw these boxes into the compost pile," Nobes stressed

in the past, people used potato starch to make packaging boxes made of starch, but wheat starch was 2. 5% higher than potato starch heating furnace: Φ 95mm ×Φ 75mm ×Φ 150mm is much cheaper. In addition, the packaging box made of wheat starch has a longer heat preservation time than the commonly used cardboard packaging box or the packaging box made of potato starch. (China Packaging News)

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