The hottest white card rose 100 watts, paper rose

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White card rose by 100%, tile paper rose by 50%, but black March reappeared

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core tip: the magic spell of March continues to manifest! After the waste paper fell for two weeks, the base paper also began to callback. In recent years, with the rise and fall of the paper price, there has been a terrible "black March" magic in the paper market. In recent years, with the rise and fall of the paper price, there has been a terrible "black March" magic spell in the paper market, that is, from 2017, except for the half month delay caused by the fall of the epidemic last year, the paper price will collapse in March every year

today, due to the sharp drop in raw materials, local paper manufacturers have come up with more people-friendly quotations:

on March 17, 2021, the price of box board paper of Shanghai Zhaomei Paper Co., Ltd. was reduced, and the price of each gram weight was reduced by 100 yuan/ton. The final shipping price was subject to the actual negotiation

Hongye also made a new round of adjustment to the paper price on March 17. The adjusted quotation is: 100 imitation cattle

29 to 45 inch 3650; 3700 above 47 inches; 100 high strength core 3490; 12 Solvay will withdraw from the new lightweight composite 0 high strength core 3410

420 Bobbin Paper 2570 yuan. Note that the above is the cash price excluding tax.

as of March 17, the raw materials of box board paper, corrugated base paper and gray bottom white board have fallen for 13 days, and the potential for the decline of paper price is growing. In the paper market, as nine dragons and other leading paper enterprises still hold on to the current paper price, the rapid profit-making orders in almost all paper related technologies that support the industry's re establishment have fallen sharply, the inventory pressure of paper mills and traders has intensified, and the giant paper mills are on the verge of substantial price reduction

now, the new problem facing the packaging and printing enterprises in the midstream of the industrial chain is what kind of pricing strategy they will use to meet the price reduction requirements of customers. If a competitor makes an offer based on a more aggressive forecast of price reduction, it is likely to steal its own order. If you follow up blindly, once the paper giant continues to protect the price, or even increases the price against the market like a white card, you may fall into a hopeless situation

it is difficult for the paper mill to accept orders at a loss due to the price increase! The paper mill has cut prices, and it is even more difficult for the enterprise to continue to lose money because of the high expectations of customers

when we look back at the 9-month price increase in the past, we find that the paper price has long been beyond recognition, regardless of the 100% increase in white cardboard. For the tile paper base paper with a relatively mild increase, the increase was as high as 49%

high position: on March 16, 2021, Taicang Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd.'s ex factory quotation of corrugated paper in cash and foreign exchange including tax: Nine Dragons corrugated paper 60g reported 5300 yuan/ton, 80g reported 4800 yuan/ton, 100g reported 4500 yuan/ton, 105g/110g reported 4400 yuan/ton, 120g reported 4300 yuan/ton, and G reported 4250 yuan/ton; Hailong corrugated paper is reported as 4300 yuan/ton for 105g/110g, 4250 yuan/ton for 120g, and 4200 yuan/ton for 130g/140g/160g/170g; Dilong corrugated paper 120g is reported as 4200 yuan/ton, and the relative error of 130/1 twist and corner measurement 40g/160g/170g is reported as 4150 yuan/ton; Jianglong corrugated paper 120g is quoted at 4050 yuan/ton, and 130/140g/170g is quoted at 4000 yuan/ton

low price: on April 29, 2020, the ex factory quotation including tax of Dongguan Nine Dragons was: Nine Dragons corrugated paper 60g was quoted at 3560 yuan/ton, 70g at 3460 yuan/ton, and 85g at 3230 yuan/ton; RMB 3180/ton for 90g, RMB 3130/ton for 100g, and RMB 3030/ton for G; Hailong corrugated paper 100g is quoted at 3090 yuan/ton, and G is quoted at 2990 yuan/ton; Earthworm corrugated paper is priced at 3510 yuan/ton for 50g, 3260 yuan/ton for 70g, 3080 yuan/ton for 85g, 3030 yuan/ton for 90g, 2940 yuan/ton for 100g and 2840 yuan/ton for 110g/140g

in this crazy rise, the increase rate of cartons is only%, while the ex factory price of terminal products is negative. In other words, this round of rising prices of raw materials has not been transmitted to consumers at all, but has been forcibly followed by middle and downstream manufacturers

as a result, the packaging and printing enterprises in the middle reaches suffer large losses, and the terminal brands also suffer large losses

if we follow the past dynamic balance law, raw materials are likely to have a round of retaliatory decline. However, under the global inflation expectations, it is really difficult to predict where this round of decline will go. The only thing we can be sure of is that due to this round of price increases for nine consecutive months, a large number of raw paper that has not been digested by the market is stored in the middle link. In addition, this wave of unreasonable price increases has further deepened the quarrel between the upper and middle reaches, which will further weaken the ability of the paper giant to control the market. For a long time, the paper price may fall into a state of continuous decline

for packaging and printing enterprises, it is almost self digging that the gambling paper price returns to the low point in April last year, which was scanned by scanning electron microscope. However, if they refuse to reduce the price, they are likely to be abandoned by customers, and adopting the flexible quotation mechanism is the most reasonable solution

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