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The white paper on China's network security industry (2019) was officially released. On September 18, 2019, China Academy of information and communications released the white paper on China's network security industry (2019) at the sixth national network security publicity week. Wangzhiqin, vice president of China Academy of information and communications, made an on-site interpretation of the white paper

preface to the white paper

the solid strength of network security industry is the premise and foundation for the prosperity, stability and strong guarantee of network space. p>

in recent years, China's network security industry has maintained a high-speed development trend. In 2018, the scale of China's network security industry reached 51.092 billion yuan, an increase of 19.2% over 2017. It is expected to reach 63.129 billion yuan in 2019. There are nearly 3000 enterprises engaged in the industry. The industrial system is becoming increasingly sound, technological innovation is highly active, and the comprehensive strength is significantly enhanced, laying a solid industrial foundation for ensuring the safety of the national network space

this white paper is the fourth network security industry white paper issued by China information and Communication Research Institute. It continues to track and analyze the industrial progress at home and abroad from the dimensions of scale structure, government policies, enterprise development, technology progress and talent training. At the same time, combined with hot trends, it focuses on the analysis and prediction of five areas, including industrial interconnection security, cloud security, zero trust security, artificial intelligence + security and 5g security, Finally, the prospect of industrial development is prospected, hoping to provide reference and help for enterprises, government agencies and relevant units that pay attention to the development of network safety industry

in the research process of this white paper, I have received the support and assistance of the following units. I would like to express my gratitude (in the order of the enterprise name): 360 security technology Co., Ltd., shanshike Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai guan'an Information Technology Co., Ltd., China Electronics Technology Network Information Security Co., Ltd., Beijing Tiandi Hexing Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing tianrongxinluo Security Technology Co., Ltd Beijing ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing antianluo Security Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shenzhou Lvmeng Information Security Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing winute Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Rose Smart Technology Co., Ltd., AsiaInfo Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., alicloud computing Co., Ltd., Qiming Xingchen Information Technology Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Anheng Information Technology Co., Ltd Hangzhou Dipu Technology Co., Ltd., Qianxin Technology Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Beite computer system engineering Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd. and Shenxin Technology Co., Ltd

white paper contents

I Development of the global network security industry

(I) international network security policies and measures continue to increase

(II) the scale of the global network security industry is growing steadily

(III) the network security segment market pattern is stable and changing

(IV) the development trend of listed security enterprises is generally good

(V) the network security financing and M & A activities continue to be active

(VI) the shortage of network security talents has not been alleviated

II Development progress of China's cyber security industry

(I) continuous optimization of industrial development policy environment

(II) sustained and rapid growth of industrial scale

(III) overall good development of cyber security enterprises

(IV) continuous optimization and improvement of industrial ecological environment

(V) continuous deepening of international cooperation on Cyber security

(III) Technological development progress in key sub sectors

(I) accelerated construction of industrial interconnection security ecosystem

(II) yun'an, in view of the above conditions, I think the following adjustments should be made: the overall development trend continues to improve

(III) zero trust moves from concept to landing

(IV) accelerated integration of artificial intelligence and network security

(V) 5g network should be corrected and safety is ready to take off

IV Prospects for China's network security industry

(I) continued release of policy dividends is expected to activate industrial momentum

(II) continued enhancement of compliance demand helps expand market space

(III) vigorous development of emerging industries drives Security Innovation Reform

(IV) strategic layout of large central enterprises may reshape the industrial pattern

(V) construction of security standard system promotes security capability coordination

(VI) Vocational skills training competition helps build talent team

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