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Weidmiller was nominated for the international quality award of "industrial products and materials"

20, making it widely used in sportswear; The comfort when close to skin 14 Federal Germany national design award evaluation committee nominated Weidmuller modular design u-remote as the international quality award for industrial products and materials. This award is awarded to top products with outstanding features and solutions. The design concept of weidmiller u-remote has been praised by the two international expert jury. The modular design remote i/o system has the characteristics of high component density, in-line connection system, high efficiency and high productivity. It is one of the award-winning products of 2013if product design award and 2013 general design award. The 2013if product design award has highly praised the design quality, process, innovation and function of Weidmuller u-remote. In addition, Weidmuller u-remote won the 2013 general design award for its simple and intuitive operation, innovation and sustainability. Weidmiller u-remote has won the two most prestigious authoritative awards in the world

Weidmuller u-remote innovative design concept combines powerful technology with the world's highest wiring density into the remote ip20i/o system, and has unparalleled advantages in installation and use. Based on this design concept, Weidmuller u-remote has many characteristics, such as higher system performance, smaller cabinet space, faster installation and maintenance, etc. Weidmuller u and PCU biological stability need further research -remote optimizes every detail in the design process. For example, no matter whether it is a three-part structure or not, it does not need any tools in the installation process, and the single row connector has status LED indication or specific function color display

Weidmuller is very focused on the needs of customers and future users, and has integrated these needs into the product design concept of u-remote, which has left a deep impression on the review committee. They are excited about the operation of u-remote to see if they can make accurate tests and advantages. Weidmuller u-remote is the main driving force to comprehensively improve productivity. Weidmuller u-remote wisdom in the heart, simplicity in the line

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