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Under the leadership of general manager Yan zihuo, Xinshao aluminum has been a leader in the industry with firm steps and sonorous footsteps in the past decade. Success is not accidental. What makes Xinshao brilliant today

in 2017, in the aluminum profile spot industry, an enterprise ushered in its tenth year since its establishment. This enterprise has grown from only a few people in that year to nearly 100 people today, from only a few hundred square meters to nearly 15000 square meters of standard workshops today, and has become a heavyweight enterprise in the industry. This is Foshan Xinshao Aluminum Co., Ltd

the aluminum industry has experienced both hot and cold winters in the past ten years, and has also experienced the baptism of years. Many peers are out every year. Those who can persist to the end and grow are outstanding. Under the leadership of general manager Yan zihuo, Xinshao aluminum has been a leader in the industry with firm steps and sonorous footsteps in the past decade. Success is not accidental. What makes Xinshao brilliant today


locate accurately and high

locate accurately, just like a tree finds a place to take root. Xinshao aluminum has been positioned as a supplier of high-end door and window aluminum materials from the beginning. President Yan often mentioned that comparing prices is a dead end, and only comparing values is the long-term path. In fact, the aluminum profile processing quality in Foshan is relatively high, and the supporting facilities are perfect, which creates conditions for high positioning, while the end users' awareness of the branding of finished doors and windows continues to improve, creating demand for high positioning, so positioning from a high position is the foothold and starting point of the market. For a long time, Xinshao aluminum has chosen domestic well-known powerful aluminum profile enterprises and surface treatment manufacturers as upstream suppliers. Over the years, "high-end doors and windows choose Xinshao aluminum" has also become a widely spread advertising language in the industry


pay close attention to quality from the source

positioning the high-end is not just verbal. Xinshao aluminum takes practical actions to pay close attention to quality from the source and solidify its high-end image. Although the upstream suppliers are powerful enterprises with perfect management systems, Xinshao aluminum still establishes a special quality control department and sends special quality inspectors to the major upstream suppliers for a long time. Whether the size and mechanical properties of aluminum profiles are up to standard, whether the color difference of surface treatment is up to standard, and whether there are bubbles, particles, etc. on the surface, quality inspectors carefully check. Products that fail to meet the standard will never leave the factory, so as to ensure that every link is completed according to high standards, and provide high-quality products to every door and window factory


grasp internal management and improve efficiency

the speed of delivery directly affects the efficiency of aluminum enterprises, not only affects the efficiency of capital turnover, but also affects the confidence of customers in cooperation. Grasping the delivery date has always been a never relaxed job of Xinshao aluminum. In order to further improve competitiveness and widen the distance with other peers, President Yan carried out a comprehensive upgrade of the company's software and hardware last year

in terms of hardware, Xinshao invested millions of yuan to build a shelf in Dachang, with a height of four floors, which not only greatly increased the storage capacity of aluminum, but also made the classification clearer and more organized. At the same time, an automatic elevator was built, which greatly improved the efficiency of aluminum extraction and storage. In addition, a weighbridge was installed in the plant to speed up the weighing time

▲ automatic elevator

in terms of software, Xinshao has introduced the Institute of lean management of Chinese workers to further refine and standardize the internal management process and management system. Sufficient inventory, automatic operation and smooth process make the whole process of Xinshao from receiving orders to leaving the warehouse faster

legend of glory

ten years of Xinshao

when you walk into the Xingxian Industrial Zone in Shishan town, you can see the huge brand logo of Xinshao coming in the distance like a V-shaped gesture representing victory. Blue factories in Xinshao occupy more than half of the area of the industrial zone, and trucks parked at the gate of the factory are busy loading and unloading aluminum materials, The fiery scene makes you feel the vigorous development momentum of Xinshao aluminum

looking back on the past, Xinshao aluminum industry has achieved a historic transformation from small to large and leapfrog development. Looking forward to the second decade, Xinshao will continue to forge ahead and create one brilliant after another

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Xinshao aluminum

Foshan Xinshao Aluminum Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, with 15000 square meters of standardized plant, specializing in all kinds of aluminum alloy household profiles, and its products include medium and high-end colored aluminum door profiles, Aluminum alloy sliding door profile, folding door profile, swing door profile, aluminum alloy sliding window profile, swing window profile, sunshine room profile, etc. As the director unit of Foshan door association, the company is recognized as the leader in the spot market of door and window profiles, and is committed to building the largest and most complete spot supply base of door and window profiles in Foshan. Since its establishment, Xinshao aluminum has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, unity, cooperation, mutual assistance, competition and innovation", and the service purpose of "listening to customers' voices, paying attention to the details of customers' needs, and making every effort to improve services", so as to create value for customers and win-win cooperation





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