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for the three rooms, although the 120 ㎡ house type is relatively large, there are more fragmented spaces, so the designer effectively uses the space to make enough storage, such as the cloakroom in the bedroom, the storage room outside, and the large storage cabinet. At the same time, in terms of function, it also designs an open study + bar to maximize the requirements of the owner ~

the design of the porch is very simple, mainly based on the storage cabinet, There are two strong wall cabinets in front of you. There is a small storage room in the left aisle, full of storage and storage, which maximizes the storage needs of the family

the TV background wall of the living room adopts KD board, the TV is embedded, and the TV cable and socket are hidden, presenting a clean, tidy and atmospheric space

the top surface adopts the design of no main lamp, and only uses the gall lamp for lighting, which is modern and fashionable

there was originally a bedroom behind the sofa background wall. Because the owner only needed two rooms, it was changed into an open study to make the whole space look more spacious and bright

the background wall of the sofa is made into a low wall partition, which is also a bar. After two bar chairs are placed, you can drink and chat here, and you can also do simple small offices here, so it can meet a variety of needs at the same time

under the bar is a real study, which is simple in shape but very easy to use. Behind the desk is a storage cabinet with storage function compared with the wall, so in the future, even if there are more books at home, there is no need to worry about having no place to put them

the living room, dining room and study have become the public areas of the whole family. The visual openness makes people feel that the home is particularly spacious and comfortable

the combination design of dining table and side cabinet expands the aisle area of the restaurant

the master bedroom with high gray tone, paired with black and white, creates a bedroom space that conforms to the aesthetics of modern young people

the bedside background is decorated with hanging pictures, which decorates the space

the wall at the end of the bed is designed as TV cabinet + bookcase and wardrobe. At the same time, the wall adopts two colors. The contrast of colors has an impact on the vision

the wall of the second bedroom is painted blue, calm, atmospheric and beautiful. The bed is placed against the wall, simplifying the area, so there are more free areas to meet activities

embedded white wardrobe, which has powerful storage function, and the matching of these colors, white and blue, I believe that the matching of these two colors is very popular

this is the public bathroom on the right side of the porch area. The wash basin in the dry area is placed outside. It is best for parents who are obsessed with cleanliness to wash their hands after going out and wearing shoes at ordinary times

in the wet area, the same brick is used for the wall and floor, and the uniformity of materials makes the narrow bathroom look bigger

compared with the public bathroom, the design of the main bathroom is more exquisite, more durable, and more design sense. I like the combination of two colors or two materials in the dry and wet areas, and my personality is fashionable

leather tiles are used in the dry area, and the background behind the toilet is very special. It is also leather tiles ~ the effect is great, and there is wood

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