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In a sense, decoration is a regretful art

in a sense, decoration is a regretful art. Anyone who has experienced home decoration may have lamented that "it would be better if it were like this" and "it would be better if it were like that"... In order to make the decoration less regretful, and in order to let the friends who are going to decorate get on the through train to happiness, this edition specially opens the "regret medicine" column of home decoration -- others' "regret medicine", which may be the treasure box you decorate

Mr. Liu, the famous decoration company was invited for decoration in 2005

regret 1: with the improvement of living standards, I want to catch up with fashion in everything, but some things are fashionable and not practical. For example, hidden screens are popular now, which are not good-looking and useless, and are particularly easy to break. They have to be repaired several times a month, which is particularly annoying. Therefore, home decoration must pay attention to both good-looking and practical

regret 2: it is inevitable that there are some small problems in home decoration, but we must pay attention to repair it in time, otherwise it will be penny wise and pound foolish. Many people tend to ignore this problem and always think that small problems are all right. Let's get together first. For example, the water pipe in my bathroom began to leak a little, which did not affect the use, so I ignored it. I didn't expect that within a month, the leakage was getting bigger and bigger, and the trouble was getting more and more. In the end, I couldn't even repair it, so I had to change the pipe, and the whole bathroom had to be demolished. So we must pay attention to small problems, and it is very important to fix them in time

Ms. sun, decoration in 2004, general home decoration company

regret one: if the bathroom is "dry and wet", don't make it integrated with the bathroom, especially if the toilet with computer automatic control is installed, it should be separated, otherwise the water will easily splash on the toilet, and the service life of the toilet will be greatly shortened

regret 2: the bathroom must leave more shelves and make more lockers, otherwise many things can't be put in. After decoration, I found that many things that should be placed in the bathroom had to be placed elsewhere because there were too few lockers and not enough shelves. Now it's troublesome to change them

regret three: never buy all the furniture at one time. Because it is easy to have misplaced eyes when buying, the furniture you buy is not suitable as soon as you get home. It is best to buy a few pieces less first. If you still feel lack of furniture in the process of use, it will be better to customize according to the actual area





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