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On January 24, 10 days before the Spring Festival, Asia Pacific Tianneng released its first new fingerprint lock in 2019, a cost-effective hard core product - e3classic (E3C for short)

on January 24, 10 days before the Spring Festival, Asia Pacific Tianneng innovated and launched its first new fingerprint lock in 2019, a cost-effective hard core product - e3classic (E3C for short). The price that people can't refuse, the incomparable design, quality and function advantages of products at the same price, and the launch of E3C will bring a full sense of future smart life to more Chinese families

Mr. Wang Changhai, chairman and "super product manager" of Asia Pacific Tianneng, held the E3C new product launch

the opening masterpiece of the chief industrial designer

looks good on your door

E3C was born in an era of looking at faces, which requires it to be good-looking and durable. With the help of top designers, the super high appearance of "lock world wuyanzu" is carefully outlined, which is the starting line of E3C

fashion and trend are just basic labels. The interactive experience of one touch and open brought by placing the fingerprint head in front of the handle, the slim panel design as thin as 21mm, and the 14.35 inch fully tempered immersive glass screen are the quality sense far higher than its price

unlike previous products, the biggest feature of E3C is the three color change breathing light on the touch screen, which is a talking indicator light: it will appear blue in wake-up and standby states; When the operation is successful, it appears green; In case of operation failure and alarm status, it is red

the changing breathing lamp is like a masterstroke on the straight panel screen, instantly lighting up the powerful aura of the door. You can choose from two smart colors, gun gold black and Philippe gold

the security of E3C

has exploded other products at the same price.

the security advantage of E3C is unmatched by other products at the same price

its self-confidence comes from the quality selection of Asia Pacific Tianneng at no cost, as well as its unique internal and external dual protection security technology

external defense line:

e3c selects an integrated die-casting panel with higher cost, hard core equipment, super impact resistance √

humanized and considerate design - U-shaped free handle, which can effectively protect the lock body from violent opening and resist external force damage √

it has an exclusive patented folding key, because E3C's lock bladder is deep in the lock body and effectively prevent prying √

it adopts radio-frequency semiconductor fingerprint sensor, which can go deep into the dermis to identify living fingerprints, Forged fingerprints cannot be unlocked √

anti peep password design, which can be recognized by entering any number before and after the real password. It is a smart E3C √

password anti cracking function. The password accumulates errors for 5 times in three minutes, and is forced to sleep for 3 minutes √

core internal defense line:

the plug-in electronic anti-theft lock body is adopted, and the motor and clutch are placed in the lock body. It is not a fake plug-in core that breaks down easily √

the lock cylinder is inserted on the lock body, When there is no mechanical key to open, it is impossible to pull out the lock bladder from the lock body √

the double control system inside and outside the door, the front and rear panels are bundled with encrypted communication, one-to-one matching, and the drive unlocking system is on the rear panel. Even if the thief destroys the front panel, it is impossible to take other panels to adapt to unlock, or unlock with electromagnetic interference, because the rear panel is only accused by the "original front panel" at the factory, and does not accept any other unlocking instructions. This is the unique protection advantage of Asia Pacific Tianneng √

in addition to safety, Asia Pacific Tianneng has formulated enterprise standards far higher than industry standards to verify the reliability of new products. The products are designed and produced in strict accordance with enterprise standards. All fingerprint locks have passed rigorous environmental tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, anti-destructive tests, life tests and other reliability tests to ensure that they can be opened without failure for more than 200000 times and can be used reliably for more than 15 years

classic system

the function starts from the core.

e3c innovatively configures the embedded dual core classic operating system, which can be connected to the cloud through the gateway and become the entrance of the smart home system. The system can promote the five unlocking methods to work independently without affecting each other, and has fault self-test and fault-tolerant processing functions, which can quickly feed back their own problems and prolong their service life. The new distribution network setting is more concise and convenient, and will be launched soon

in addition, E3C adds the whole process voice broadcast guidance function. From wake-up, registration, query to start, voice guidance is provided for every step of operation, which is simple and easy to use. It can be easily used without instructions, and the elderly and children can operate freely

e3c many functions also include:

the door lock administrator and ordinary users have clear permissions, and can enter up to 100 fingerprints to meet the needs √

the fingerprint sensor has the function of Automatic wake-up verification, rapid verification, one click on √

equipped with USB emergency charging port and emergency key in case of need √

breaking through the technological barrier

making the fingerprint lock more people-friendly

for a long time, The price gap between fingerprint lock and traditional mechanical lock has deterred many families. Compared with the penetration rate of more than 70% in Japan and South Korea, the utilization rate of smart locks in China accounts for only 5%, which is not all more convenient and safe fingerprint locks. How to make fingerprint locks used by more families and improve national life experience has become the mission of Asia Pacific Tianneng, an industry leader

in this context, the powerful R & D center of Asia Pacific Tianneng has united to break through technical barriers and make the price of fingerprint lock more people-friendly while ensuring excellent quality and function. Therefore, E3C came into being, with a daily retail price of only 1699 yuan, becoming a well deserved king of sex price ratio

e3c will be listed in hurricane after the Spring Festival, and hot shopping is about to start. Please look forward to it




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