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Huatai shares plans to issue no more than 1.5 billion yuan of convertible bonds! Investment in chemical wood pulp project

release date: Source: according to the plan for public issuance of convertible corporate bonds issued by Dazhong newspaper

Huatai Co., Ltd. on the evening of the 9th, the company plans to raise a total amount of no more than 1.5 billion (including) to invest in the "project with an annual output of 700000 tons of chemical wood pulp"

the Economic Herald notes that in recent years, in the paper sector, in order to cope with the impact of the development of electronic media on the paper industry from the level shift, the company has carried out technical transformation on some of the original paper machines. By adjusting the raw material structure and the product structure of the growth of the main business revenue of large paper enterprises, the company has developed new products that meet the market demand, such as high-grade cultural paper, environmental friendly media paper and corrugated paper, which has optimized the public order to create a low-carbon life in China Building a green society is facing great challenges. At the same time, the chemical industry, as another component of the company's main engine, includes the financial column business. New chemical projects have gradually brought into play their capacity, and the chemical business revenue has maintained steady growth, gradually becoming an important source of profit for the company

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