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Huaping helps Tibetan government informatization construction

in modern science and technology, electronic information technology is a key technology that has the fastest development, the strongest penetration and the widest range of influence, so that it has become a key technology to change the way of human production, life, learning and work, and to divide the stages of social and economic development. With the continuous development of society, its strength has not been reduced and the trend of globalization has been strengthened. Governments all over the world are seeking a scientific development path. Video communication has become an effective means to improve the efficiency of government office management and realize management innovation. More and more government agencies in the country have included this efficient way of remote communication in the planning of government informatization. Although the government office informatization in Western China started late, there is a strong momentum of development and a large space for development

project background

Xinlong County, Ganzi Prefecture, is located in the western plateau and mountainous area of Sichuan, governing 1 town and 18 townships. The average altitude of the county is more than 3500 meters. The whole area is composed of high mountains and valleys, high mountains and valleys, high plateaus and low mountains and hills, and modern glacial and ice erosion landforms. Due to geographical reasons, various organizations of Xinlong county government of Ganzi Prefecture are widely distributed. Every time a formal office meeting is held, the relevant staff must travel across mountains and rivers to gather in one place, which not only increases the travel expenses, but also adds to the fatigue of the participants and potential safety hazards on the way. In order to ensure the normal work of government agencies, strengthen the management ability of county-level governments in various jurisdictions, improve work efficiency, reduce travel and potential safety hazards in plateau areas, and realize resource sharing. Xinlong county government hopes to build an advanced video conference system with remote, real-time and interactive functions on the basis of the existing IP network. The system needs to cover all the water-based waterproof materials frequently used in the market, mainly including acrylic waterproof coating, JS polymer cement waterproof coating, series of polymer cement waterproof mortar and other subordinate departments and linkage units


the construction of the video conference system project of Xinlong county government in Ganzi Prefecture covers the video conference system of the county government and its subordinate branches and linkage departments, with a total of 23 venues. The system is realized in the form of group structure, and the construction of each venue is completed through the embedded hardware equipment of Warburg Pincus, large screen LCD TV and professional conference camera control system, which are the top systems to control the operation of the experimental machine. The system is mainly used for the organizational contact, business training, government spirit communication, resource sharing between the county government and its subordinate departments and linkage units, so that the remote grass-roots government and government personnel of various departments can receive all the information of the main conference hall and interact with the main conference hall through the video conference system

system architecture diagram

system features

multiple areas connected by multimedia conference terminals can communicate by transmitting various images, voice and data information. It facilitates the communication between the plateau government departments and branches, solves work problems without leaving the office, greatly reduces the frequency of business trips, and greatly reduces the risk of plateau travel while improving office efficiency

the system supports long-distance real-time information exchange, intuitive video and audio communication and other multimedia technologies to construct a virtual workspace shared by many people, which meets the timely and effective work requirements of government departments

the system supports basic instant messaging functions such as instant text chat, audio and video calls, file transfer, and also provides audio and video conferencing, remote assistance, conference discussion, conference roll call and other functions. It meets the needs of remote training of government departments

according to the characteristics of meetings of Party and government organs, the seats of participants can be set according to the nature of the meeting. The interface is simple, convenient, extensible and high security

implementation effect

after the Huaping video conference system was completed and put into use in Xinlong County, Ganzi Prefecture, all departments and subordinate institutions of the county government overcame adverse factors such as remote terrain and information blockage in terms of communication and management, making it easy for villages and towns scattered in Tibetan areas to exchange information. p>

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