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Huanxin has passed the "trusted cloud" enterprise level SaaS certification of the Ministry of industry and information technology

in the face of the rapid development of the enterprise level SaaS market and the uneven quality of products and services, the China Institute of information and communications (the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology) has launched the trusted cloud certification service to regulate the enterprise level SaaS market. On September 10, Huanxin passed the trusted cloud certification for cloud computing services organized by the data center alliance and tested by the China Institute of information and communications. Huanxin was successfully promoted to the first batch of SaaS customer service benchmark enterprises that passed the trusted cloud certification

the customer service of Huanxin Mobile has passed the trusted cloud enterprise level SaaS certification

1. The availability of Huanxin service has reached three 9+ stringent data security standards

the trusted cloud certification report of the Ministry of industry and information technology points out that the persistence, data destructibility, data migratability, data privacy, data right to know, service auditability, service function, service availability, service resource allocation ability Failure recovery capability, network access performance, service measurement accuracy, service change termination terms, service compensation terms, user constraints, service provider exemption terms, service security, user experience performance and other indicators meet the requirements of trusted cloud service certification

among them, the availability of services and the security of data are the key considerations in the evaluation of trusted cloud. Through the test, the usability of Huanxin mobile customer service is no less than 9. The fixed pin should protrude 9.9% from the surface of the part, and ensure that the response time of each request server is within 1 second

in terms of security, Huanxin follows strict data security standards, such as:

1. The code has fully passed the security detection of sonar

2. The storage and transmission of user information are encrypted

3. Data is not lost in bytes (99.9999%)

4. Data isolation ensures that data between different users is not visible to each other

5. When the user uses the service, Huanxin does not store the user key, does not access the user's other data except collecting the necessary operation index data, and systematically ensures the standardized operation of all operation and maintenance personnel

in addition, Huanxin's perfect multi-level after-sales service support system and rapid fault recovery capability ensure the ultimate user experience

2. Trusted cloud has been successfully written into the international standard to escort the selection of users

recently, ITU (International Telecommunication Union) officially released the version of cloud computing framework and high-level requirements ED2 on its vacuum gold plating on the section, marking the successful writing of three proposals led by the China Academy of information and communications (the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology): the definition, requirements and scenarios of trusted cloud services into the international standard. After more than two years of development, the trusted cloud service certification since 2013 has officially entered the 3.0 system construction stage. It has added the special evaluation of trusted cloud gold medal operation and maintenance and the trusted cloud security evaluation, formed two sets of evaluation standards, iaas/paas and enterprise SaaS, and basically realized the full coverage of the mainstream cloud service types in the industry

nowadays, the standard of trusted cloud service certification is becoming increasingly stringent. The evaluation content of trusted cloud service certification alone includes 11 parts, including virtual machine service, object storage service, application service, and a total of 16 indicators, covering 90% of the problems that cloud service providers need to promise or inform users (based on service SLA). The average passing rate of trusted cloud authentication is not high, and the passing rate of the Sixth Batch of trusted cloud authentication is only 38%. The customer service of Huanxin Mobile has passed the trusted cloud certification, which is also inseparable from the continuous improvement of Huanxin in product technology and services and the continuous investment of massive resources

the growing perfection of the trusted cloud service certification system means, on the one hand, the gradual maturity of the development of the cloud computing industry; On the other hand, it also means that more and more cloud service providers like Huanxin will further strengthen their investment in cloud computing security and service availability. For users, security and availability are undoubtedly the two most important considerations in determining cloud computing model selection, while trusted cloud service authentication is more like a yardstick, so that users no longer have security and availability concerns in model selection

Huanxin mobile customer service all media Intelligent Cloud customer service advocate was awarded Gartner 2016 cool vendor in 2016. Huanxin supports all media access, including page customer service, social media customer service (microblog,), APP built-in customer service and call center, which can be accessed with one click. Based on the industry-leading im long connection technology of Huanxin, the message must be reached, and the workload of manual customer service is reduced through the intelligent customer service robot technology. At the same time, the customer journey dialysis product based on artificial intelligence and big data mining, the input signal of huanxinke servo valve is mostly sine wave, which can help enterprises optimize operation and improve cross channel customer service experience

as of the first half of 2016, the customer service of Huanxin mobile had served a total of 29437 enterprise users, covering TOP10 customers in the fields of e-commerce, o2o, Internet finance, education, tourism, mobile medicine, intelligent hardware, games, etc. typical users include Gome, 58jiajia, ChuChu street, Haier, Shenzhou special bus, New Oriental, linkhome, Taikang, number PepsiCo and many other benchmark enterprises. According to the special research report on China's SaaS customer service market released by Analysys, Huanxin mobile customer service accounts for 77.4% of SaaS mobile customer service users, ranking first in the industry

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