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The bedroom is the core part of the family, a place for families to relax and rest, and also a private space for people. The layout of the bedroom has a direct impact on people's life, work and study, so the bedroom is also one of the design priorities of family decoration. After more than ten years of rapid development, the wardrobe industry is no longer just a tool for placing clothes. Now the overall wardrobe is designed according to the spatial layout, and the storage function is more powerful, making the spatial layout of the overall bedroom more personalized. The joining of the whole bedroom wardrobe has become more and more popular, but when investors choose to join, you have to know this information. What should we pay attention to when joining the whole wardrobe in the bedroom? The whole wardrobe brand Deville

when choosing a franchise brand, many investors do not know from which aspects to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the brand. When choosing brands, products are one of the important factors to investigate. Next, Xiaobian will take products as an example to talk about how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of products

finish. The wardrobe decoration can not only beautify the wardrobe, but also protect the wardrobe. Nowadays, the finishing process is more and more developed, and the ways and styles of finishing are more and more diverse. While the finishing brings diversity to the style of wardrobe, it also plays a role in blending the decoration style of the room; On the other hand, a good finish can really protect the wardrobe from moisture, insects, fire, scratches and scratches. For example, the decorative patterns of dewell's finish are naturally lifelike, scratch and moisture-proof

plate edge banding. In reality, some small enterprises and workshops produce wardrobe with rough and loose edges, and even glue seeps out. This is mainly because they apply glue with a brush, manually press and stick the edge, repair the edge with a castor knife, and polish with a manual polishing machine, which is easy to cause uneven glue application, uneven edge sealing, undulating sealing lines, glue migration seepage, easy deformation, and affect the normal use of the wardrobe

hardware. Hardware equipment is one of the important components of the wardrobe, including guide rails, pulleys, hinges, handles and other items. Good hardware accessories are not easy to deform, and will be more smooth to use, which can prolong the service life of the wardrobe

the above are just some product identification details listed by Xiaobian. When choosing a franchise brand, investigating products is the most important work, which cannot be ignored. In terms of hardware accessories, Deville chooses to cooperate with world-class brands, uses first-class raw materials, comprehensively improves product performance, and creates a comfortable and smooth use experience. Only by choosing such a large brand enterprise to join, can it be trusted! Dewell is not only an excellent enterprise in the above aspects, but also a well-known brand in the industry. Its products have not only withstood the test of the market, but also its sales have increased all the way, bringing considerable economic benefits to dealers

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