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[Yihe doors and windows] the operation of traditional sunshine room franchise stores has been difficult to meet consumer demand, and the development of sunshine room franchisees needs more innovative solutions

[Yihe doors and windows] the sunshine housing market follows the needs of consumers. The greater the consumer demand, the larger the sunshine housing market, which means that it must face more competitors and fierce competition. With the rise of consumer groups represented by the post-80s and post-90s generation, they are just in the immediate need of real estate, accounting for 42%. Some will choose to redecorate and decorate their houses, or invest in second homes, so this group reaches 37%. The operation of traditional sunshine house franchise stores has been difficult to meet consumer demand, and the development of sunshine house franchise stores needs more innovative solutions

the education level of the main consumers is generally higher than that of the previous generation. With the passage of the times, they are more and more close to the post-80s/90s generation, and these people have grown up with the globalization of the times. The single product sunshine house has been difficult to meet the consumer demand, and the development of sunshine house franchisees needs more solutions

as a specific household commodity, the various space schemes of the home tend to be closer to the ultimate personalization. When every mature industry develops to a certain extent, it is inevitable to return to rationality. Only in this way can we maintain sustainable prosperity. Practical, only based on the satisfaction of the material itself, more based on the moving details. In the process of marketization, the sunshine housing industry urgently needs the boost of large brand sunshine housing franchisees, and more professional and in-depth customization of sunshine housing products and solutions

on the basis of the mature sunshine house market, as one of the few viable decorative materials in the building materials industry, every sunshine house franchisee must seriously consider the problem. In order to comply with the development trend of the sunshine house market and meet the needs of consumers, sunshine house franchisees must let sunshine house manufacturers increase the investment and development of original designs, and improve the production process level of sunshine house products, Improve the environmental protection standards of sunshine house products and substrates, increase the added value of sunshine house brand, expand the brand influence of sunshine house, constantly enhance the market competitiveness of sunshine house, and optimize the resource allocation of sunshine house franchisees through the means of sunshine house branded operation, design and service, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry

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