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1. Where is the velvet wall coat

answer: velvet products are produced in the world “ Colorful wall clothes ” Spain, which has the leading level of research and development, is currently developed and produced in China by Fujian velvet wall clothing factory with the introduction of technology. The production process and quality standards are all carried out in accordance with foreign standards

2. The composition of velvet wall clothing is mainly composed of wood fiber, pulp, and textile fibers that meet the national textile standards. The raw materials of the products are all from Spain, which has strict requirements for environmental protection

3. How about the environmental protection quality of velvet wall clothes? Made of pure natural raw materials, it does not contain any harmful chemicals, glass fibers, mineral wool, etc. the formaldehyde content is 0, and it does not release chemicals harmful to human body (VOC). The environmental protection indicators refer to North American and European standards, which is equivalent to 1.5-3 per thousand of the domestic standards, hundreds of times lower than the national mandatory standard gbi8582-2001-<& lt; Limit of harmful substances in interior wall paint of interior decoration materials >& gt; Requirements

4. Is there a test report on the environmental protection indicators of velvet wall clothing

all environmental protection indicators of velvet have corresponding authoritative department test reports, and the test reports are attached in detail

5. Will the velvet wall suit cause discomfort after being touched by hand

no, the velvet wall clothes Bensheng construction is very environmental friendly. During the construction, directly use your hands and the corresponding brushing tools. After brushing and forming a dry knot, touch the underwear we wear or the napkins we use everywhere with your hands, which will not cause any discomfort

6. What if the velvet wall clothes are stained with dust

answer: the velvet wall coat has been treated with the corresponding anti-static formula, and it has no adsorption capacity for natural dust in the environment

7. After the velvet wall clothes are rubbed by hand, will the material of the wall clothes fall off or debris fall to the ground like underwear

no, velvet wall clothing is a close combination of material and glue. Although the material contains underwear, underwear is made by weaving. Underwear natively does not contain glue. Velvet fibers have been perfectly combined through special adhesives. There is no need to worry about this kind of situation

8. Will velvet wall clothes have seams like wallpaper, or peel off

no, the velvet wallcovering Bensheng is formed at one time, and there will be no seams at any place and corner. In addition, the special colloid of the velvet wallcovering is a completely environmental friendly water-soluble synthetic glue introduced from abroad, which is closely integrated with the product Bensheng. Unlike wallpaper, wallpaper is separated from glue

9. What is the construction method of velvet wall clothes

just put the bag like product into the plastic bucket (iron bucket cannot be used to prevent the iron bucket from being affected by moisture and rust, which will affect the appearance of the wall coating), add an appropriate amount of clean water or warm water, directly mix it by hand until it is uniform, place it for a certain time, and then apply it with a special brushing tool. It is very consistent with the foreign DIY decoration concept, but those who have no experience in painting this product are recommended to be painted by full-time personnel

10. How long does the velvet wall coat dry after construction

24—& mdash; After 48 hours, it will dry naturally under the condition of ventilation

11. Can the wall surface with mildew, leakage, peeling and blistering be constructed

in order to prevent some walls with low construction quality from penetrating stains outward (such as pantothene, crystalline salt, rust, etc.), the newly built walls must be fully dry. For moldy, leaking, peeling, and foaming walls, they generally need to be treated first. It is recommended to use waterproof putty, water-based special waterproof paint, or oily primer. We recommend using water-based special waterproof coatings with good waterproof performance, convenient construction and environmental protection, such as acrylic ester waterproof coatings

12. In the construction project, whether the ground needs to be paved accordingly

no, in the process of construction, if there is material landing occasionally, the construction personnel can directly pick up the landing material by hand, and then simply wipe it with a clean rag or napkin

13. Q: can the old house be constructed

yes, velvet can be directly applied on the original coating layer. As for the internal material, the internal material decorative materials on the market can be applied. See the following Q & A for the material content

14. How is the velvet wall coat bonded to the wall? Do you need to add glue

the velvet wall clothes have been mixed with a special adhesive with high adhesion and high film-forming property in proportion in the bag packaging, which can dissolve by itself when combined with water. This colloid is widely used in jelly, fudge, ice cream, pellets, capsules, emulsifiers, adhesives, etc., and is completely non-toxic and harmless

15. What kind of material can velvet wall clothes be constructed on

generally, the wall with white base surface is constructed, but the wall body cannot be affected by damp and corrosion in the environment. Otherwise, it can bring aesthetic effects to wallpaper, paint, wood, etc., and the same is true of velvet wall clothes

the internal materials of the wall can be gypsum board, wood board, plywood, density board, particleboard, wood board, cement wall, metal plate, fireproof board, melamine board, advertising material board (such as KT board), glass, etc. In addition to the cement wall, the density board, particleboard, wood board and wood board are generally sealed with white oily low paint, and the gypsum board of the cement wall is sealed with waterproof white paint, in order to prevent the internal materials from being damp, deformed and discolored

16. How long is the service life of velvet wall clothes

10 years, but after 10 years, it does not mean the service life. After 10 years, there will be no peeling, discoloration and other conditions when the wall base is not affected by moisture, mildew and corrosion

17. Are velvet products fireproof

fire prevention is a professional problem. Except for silicon materials such as cement walls, floor tiles and ceramic tiles, coatings, wallpaper, various decorative boards, synthetic boards and even metal plates will not be fire-proof in a strict sense after they exceed the melting point. The national interpretation of fire prevention of decorative materials is mainly the fire rating. Velvet wall coverings have passed the strict certification of Beijing fire product quality supervision and inspection station, It belongs to the same fire rating as wallpaper, that is to say, velvet wall clothes can be applied wherever wallpaper can be constructed

18. What are the advantages of velvet wallcovering over wallpaper and paint

the velvet wall coating has the hygroscopicity, sound absorption, heat preservation and odor absorption that wallpaper and coating do not have

in high humidity seasons and weather, velvet does not need to turn on the power consuming and noisy air conditioner to absorb moisture. In sunny weather, velvet can volatilize the moisture absorbed

in the family living room, the home theater has become an indispensable electrical appliance for people's families. The velvet wall clothes, like the wall soft bags in the cinema, have a certain absorption effect on the slow reflection of sound

thermal insulation effect, which is the most vivid embodiment of the thermal insulation of velvet wall clothing. Winter can block the cold outside; In summer, it can isolate the invasion of heat waves and achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer. So as to greatly improve the overall quality of the wall, and comprehensively save the cost of heating and cooling

in conference rooms, family living rooms, hotel boxes or hotel bedrooms, there will be a little peculiar smell after using it for a period of time. The velvet wall clothes have a certain odor absorption, and can volatilize the peculiar smell when it is sunny and ventilated

19. What if a child gets dirty on the velvet wall clothes

all households or users will not destroy the wall materials casually, but the nature of children makes parents defenseless, which has always been a difficult problem to solve. At this time, velvet has another feature - secondary utilization. When the stain is not very heavy, you can use a wet clean towel to soften the wall clothes locally, and then remove it for painting. If you encounter serious stains such as ink, You can draw a square shape, take it down after softening, and make up with our spare parts after mixing with water

20. Where can I buy Velvet wall clothes? Are there many styles and colors

there are full-time painting technicians trained by the velvet head office in velvet stores or units cooperating with velvet, and there are strict quality requirements and specifications on painting




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