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The weather is getting warmer, and many owners choose to start decoration at this time. The first question in front of you is how to choose a decoration company. Next, Xiaobian will teach you how to choose a reliable decoration company

start from finding a decoration team and teach you how to decorate step by step

- the decoration is afraid of subcontracting

the choice of decoration team is very important and cannot be sloppy at all. If you choose a suitable decoration team, you will save a lot of unnecessary trouble in decoration

experts pointed out that season and climate have an impact on the quality of home decoration, but are not the decisive factors. In fact, decoration can be carried out in any season, but the construction technology needs to be adjusted to adapt to seasonal changes. The design level, construction technology, management methods and workers' quality are the key to determine the construction quality

decoration is afraid of subcontracting. Because some communities are relatively large and receive more work, if the Contractor receives more work and his employees are not many, there may be a case of subcontracting after peeling a layer of skin

therefore, you need to contact multiple decoration teams before decoration, ask for a clear quotation and understand the process. After negotiation to determine the price and process, when drafting the contract, you must confirm that the decoration team is the one you like

- put the decoration regret in the front

don't be afraid to find the decoration team. It's best to contact people of all grades to know whether they have decoration qualifications, whether the three certificates are complete, the situation of model houses, the situation of workers, etc. Technology and price are all factors that affect your choice of decoration team. Such as the use of clean water and mixed water, the treatment of floors and vitrified bricks, the joints of ceramic tiles, and the displacement of toilets are all prone to problems. Therefore, when looking for the decoration team, we should understand its process status and whether the work is detailed, etc

it is best to prepare a house type map when talking with the decoration team. First, we should know well and roughly estimate the floor area, ceramic tile area and wall paint area. Wiring is also an important consideration in decoration. For example, whether the positions of TV and telephone lines are suitable, and whether the positions of wire sockets and switches are reasonable, etc. The decoration team with guaranteed quality has its own handling principles for these, and the quality of telephone lines and TV lines are also guaranteed. Otherwise, it will be difficult to deal with the situation that the TV signal is bad or the telephone is noisy after the decoration

if the sound insulation effect of the house is not good, it is best to stick sound insulation materials on the wall and use sound insulation materials for ceiling in the bedroom

- understand the home decoration program

in a home decoration project, it can be summarized into four categories: structural engineering, decoration engineering, decoration engineering and installation engineering, which play different roles in decoration engineering respectively

the construction sequence of family decoration works is generally based on the principle of "inside first, then outside, first up and then down". For example, first do the base treatment, then do the decorative structure, and finally the finish. At the same time, make the top first, then the wall, and finally the floor decoration

experts pointed out that the specific construction sequence should be: first, the bricklayer should deal with the base course, clean the top, wall and ground, meet the construction technical requirements, and carry out the transformation of power and water lines at the same time. After the base treatment meets the standard, the carpenter carries out the ceiling work. After the ceiling structure is completed, the joinery work, such as making wooden heating covers, door and window frames, wooden parapets, etc. When the joinery decoration structure is completed and has been painted with a coat of finish paint for protection, the decoration of wall and top finishes can be considered as the beginning




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